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🕒 Mon - Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 12pm-4pm • 📞 912-691-1333

Savannah’s Framing Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Serving Savannah for Over 10 Years

We offer a wide variety of techniques and materials for custom picture framing. We strive for quality and our goal is to preserve your art for many years to come. Whether you bring us an expensive piece of art or an object that simply has sentimental value to you, we treat all with love and care.   We provide the appropiate hardware for hanging your art. 

How Much Do Frames Cost?
The price for your framed art is determined by size, moulding, and other factors such as mat style and type of glass. If you would like to get an idea of the cost for your specific framing project, please call or message us. We look forward to speaking with you!
What Is Your Turnaround Time?
Generally, your frame will be ready in about 2 weeks. After choosing your frame design, we order the materials and once received begin the process of framing your art.
Can You Accomodate Rush Orders?
We do our best to accommodate your schedule.
What Happens To My Art After I Leave Your Store?
Your art never leaves our possession. Your art will be stored in a clean and safe enviroment until we begin the process of framing it.
Can You Replace Broken Glass?
Yes we do. You have many options to choose from. We carry a complete array of glass from regular, UV to museum glass. It’s never to late too protect your art or photographs from the harmful effects of light.
Can I Reuse My Old Frame?
It depends on the condition of the frame.
Can You Restore Old Art or Frames?
We have professionals we work with in the restoration of art and frames.
What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept cash, checks, Debit, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Deposit collected when order is placed.

Professional Tips:

Cleaning and Caring for Your Framed Art

Wood Frames
Spray a mild solution of cleaner on a soft cloth and wipe your frame gently. Try a small area first to see if the finish is affected. Never spray cleaner directly on wood frames. The cleaner may leave marks or even take the finish off your frame. Also, excess cleaning solution might drip down into the frame behind the glass and stain your mat or art.
Acrylics (Plexiglass)
use only plexiglass cleaner and a very soft cloth (available in hardware stores or at Underglass) to clean your plexiglass. Regular glass cleaners, especially in combination with paper towels will scratch your plexiglass and remove the brilliance.
Spray your cleaning solution onto a soft cloth and wipe the glass carefully to clean it. Then use a dry soft cotton cloth to get rid of any streaks. Your glass will shine!
Metal Frames
Although metal frames are not quite as sensitive as wood frames, it is a good idea to spray the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth not the frame itself.

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